Make America Relate Again is a political podcast in which I, a liberal Hillary Clinton voter, have compassionate, respectful political conversations with women who voted for Donald Trump. I've travelled the country since the beginning of 2017 talking to women of different ages and backgrounds, with vastly different points of view - and the conversations are compelling, to say the least. They also helped me get over the anger and resentment I felt so strongly after the election. The political divide in our country has led to a kind of political bigotry, and it's hurting people. Families are being torn apart, friendships ended, and yet, this kind of alienation of the people who disagree with us only serves to further entrench them in their views. To find solutions and move forward as a country, we need to relate to each other. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your pods. Season 1 is fully available and Season 2 is debuting June 26, 2018. Head to for more information.



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