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I offer two weekly online acting classes via Zoom. These classes are for adults and older teens (15 and up) of all levels. Classes meet:

Mondays 5-8pm PT / 6-9pm MT / 8-11pm ET


Fridays 9am-12pm PT / 10am-1pm MT / 12-3pm ET


If interested in enrolling in classes, shoot me an email.

What to Expect

My classes cover a lot of ground. I've worked consistently for 20+ years in theater, voice-over, live and recorded music, on-camera productions, and commercials, and I'm a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. I spent over a decade in New York City, and have also worked professionally in Seoul, Korea, Los Angeles, and Colorado, as well as many regional productions and tours. With my experience in nearly every corner of the entertainment industry, I'm able to bring you training that is comprehensive, holistic, and intuitive. I understand the actor's perspective, because I am one - which means I can speak your language and will never give you cliché, vague direction or feedback. If I hear "just throw it away," "pick up the pace," or "raise the stakes" one more time... ;) If I ever say something like "raise the stakes," it'll come with direction on exactly HOW to do that.


We will work on all of the below in the class, plus whatever else I come up with that can help you in your career:

  • Relaxation - tuning your instrument

  • Focus - controlling where your attention and awareness lie

  • Imagination - using sense memory and creative substitutions to make imagined experiences feel real

  • Bringing your full, authentic self - your full breadth of experience and emotional complexity - to every character you play

  • The science of emotion and human psychology as it applies to acting

  • Learning how to keep speech patterns natural and realistic

  • Theater technique

  • On-camera technique

  • Commercial acting - direct pitch and narrative commercials

  • Voice-over technique and voice acting

  • Shakespeare - the best training there is. If you can act Shakespeare, you can act anything.

  • Scene study

  • Monologues

  • Ensemble work

  • The major differences between comedic and dramatic acting, and how to know which one you should be focusing on in any given scene.

  • Improv - both short and long form, comedic and dramatic

  • Accessing vulnerability

  • Power dynamics and navigating emotional shifts in scenes

  • Inside-out and outside-in approach to manufacturing authentic emotion

  • Vocal production - manipulating the way you speak to fit different characters

  • Method acting

  • Meisner technique

  • Physical warm-ups

  • Script analysis

  • Acting as a business

  • Mindset training - how to overcome the dreaded nerves

  • Writing and producing your own content

  • Self-tape technique and set-up

  • Spontaneity and freedom in acting

I will also be hosting monthly Q&As and workshop events with casting directors, agents, and professional actors, so you can learn about the industry, hear from working actors about what it's like in different markets, and get some exposure to industry contacts. Some of these will be free, some will be available for an extra fee not to exceed $25, and some will be donation-based.


I offer private acting coaching to students all over the globe via Zoom, with discounted rates currently in order to make things more affordable for people during the current global crisis.

I tailor each student's coaching plan to their individual goals. Focuses include authenticity and vulnerability in acting, voice-over acting  and/or  building voice-over reels, and acting through song.

Current discounted rates:

Single session $65

4-pack $220 ($55/session)

8-pack $400 ($50/session

For more information or to schedule a session, email me at

Student testimonials

"As Samia's student, I often found myself thinking that she is the best kind of teacher: one who is talented, experienced, passionate, patient, honest, and always on your side. I recently finished my time with Samia, and now I have the knowledge and skills that I need to go out and get work. Because of my time with Samia, I managed to book a voice-over job on a major upcoming Korean film. I also have two killer demo reels, which Samia had a huge hand in developing. Best of all, Samia helped me regain a feeling of confidence and comfort in my abilities, which was something I was missing, because she continued to push me and believe in me, even at times when I doubted myself. That she remains available for career advice and help with future auditions and roles makes her not only an excellent coach, but a valuable mentor and trusted friend, as well. Samia is a special talent who can do anything, and learning from her has been a privilege and an honor."

Michael Payne-Wheeler

Seoul, Korea

"Samia is an amazing coach! She has helped me transform my approach to understanding and developing a character. She has challenged me to be more vulnerable in my performances and to be more confident in them. She's flexible with scheduling and great to work with."

Gavin Roberts

Denver, CO



actor // singer // writer // acting coach

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