I offer private acting and voice-over coaching to students all over the globe via Zoom.

I tailor each student's coaching plan to their individual goals. Focuses include authenticity and vulnerability in acting, voice-over acting  and/or  building voice-over reels, and acting through song.

Current discounted rates:

Single session $90

4-pack $340 ($85/session)

8-pack $640 ($80/session

For more information or to schedule a session, email me at

Student testimonials

I absolutely love taking classes with Samia. The way she creates a nurturing environment for personal and artistic growth is so dope to me and the main reason I love training with her. She keeps it real and her energy is uplifting. I'm a huge fan of the way she finds techniques that not only sharpen our acting skills but also add value to our daily lives. Thank you for all that you do!

Asha Conley

Actor and Model

Denver, CO


Samia combines years of experience with empathy and dedication to ensure that her students reach higher potentials.  For me, that looked like tapping into talents I did not even know I possessed.  Samia challenged me to be vulnerable and fearless while providing honest feedback that helped me grow.  Her acting classes have been invaluable and I definitely recommend them.

Kimera Morgan

Melbourne, Austrlaia


I would like to share why I value Samia's classes so much, but to save your energy, will do so in points, so you don't have to read through it like it's the soliloquy preceding a recipe.

1. Affordable - I have taken lessons from schools that are not nearly as affordable and I would argue the value I get is more - by quite a bit.
2. Helpful - at many levels:
a) helps demystify auditions - on camera and on screen, as far as what sorts of equipment/set up is the standard in the industries, as well as budget considerations and workarounds
b) equipment - the options to consider for the various industries are also covered
3. It's a safe and comfortable environment. I don't feel like every class is an audition.
4. She is smart - that sounds silly, and sort of obvious, but she really addresses each person at their level and helps to elevate them, and is able to observe and assess that pretty quickly so no one's time is wasted. You would be surprised how hard that is as both a teacher and student to be in classes where teachers *don't* know how to do that.
5. Welcoming - everyone in her class feels safe and encouraging - no competition felt, everyone is genuine in their desire to help each other succeed and LEARN. There's enough diva-like and competitive behavior in the industry (and I struggle mightily with how to handle those situations), it's nice to get in a room (virtual) where there's none of that (I guess this is more of a thank you to my fellow classmates for being the wonderful humans they are).
6. Practical - it's not esoteric and exhausting. Meisner and Stanislavski are great but it is a process and can really beat you up, after you get over the confusing and mystifying stuff.
7. Compassionate and celebrates her students, who and as they are
8. She knows SO many aspects of the business. Again, not something that a lot of teachers know, or will readily share without forking over more money.
9. I don't feel like she's out for just my money or like she's doing me a favor, which is THE WORST feeling, let me tell you.
10. Related to #9 - I have been to schools that felt like schemes and sort of cultish in their behavior. Not this.
11. Honest - in her assessments and answers to questions. She's not out to sell herself as a teacher.
12. She celebrates her students' achievements for what it means for the students - NOT because it reflects well on her (which is a HUGE relief. Been there before and it feels gross and weird). I don't feel weird talking shop outside of class. (been there before and it's so stressful.)
13. Challenging - she will push you as far as you're willing, but really wants you to be the best you can be (without getting all trauma-inducing a la "Whiplash")

There's a reason I have proudly listed her on my acting resume... :)

Maya Jairam

Actor and Voice Actor

Denver, CO


As Samia's student, I often found myself thinking that she is the best kind of teacher: one who is talented, experienced, passionate, patient, honest, and always on your side. I recently finished my time with Samia, and now I have the knowledge and skills that I need to go out and get work. Because of my time with Samia, I managed to book a voice-over job on a major upcoming Korean film. I also have two killer demo reels, which Samia had a huge hand in developing. Best of all, Samia helped me regain a feeling of confidence and comfort in my abilities, which was something I was missing, because she continued to push me and believe in me, even at times when I doubted myself. That she remains available for career advice and help with future auditions and roles makes her not only an excellent coach, but a valuable mentor and trusted friend, as well. Samia is a special talent who can do anything, and learning from her has been a privilege and an honor.

Michael Payne-Wheeler

Radio Host and Voice Actor

Seoul, Korea

Samia is an amazing coach! She has helped me transform my approach to understanding and developing a character. She has challenged me to be more vulnerable in my performances and to be more confident in them. She's flexible with scheduling and great to work with.

Gavin Roberts


Denver, CO

Samia Mounts

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