I am so excited about this new venture! After privately coaching actors for the last eight years, and teaching group classes since March 2020, I've decided it's time to run my own online acting studio. I've seen tremendous growth in all of my students, and it's exciting to find a creative outlet that draws from all of my training and work experience across every corner of the entertainment industry. Check out the new COACHING tab above for more information and to sign up for classes!


This is the biggest curveball ever, I know. After twelve years in NYC, I was ready for a big change, preferably one involving mountains and nature and big, expansive skies. When my now-husband, Jonny, decided to enlist in the army as a guitarist in one of their bands, I decided this was a perfect opportunity for me to finally get out of the constant burn-out of New York. We got married in November 2019, and I'm now based in Colorado Springs. I'm represented in Denver by Cassie Keefe, head of On-Camera at Wilhelmina Denver. I love my new life!

writing on medium

In order to get all of my writing in one place, I've started posting all of my essays and articles on Medium. If you haven't heard of Medium, it's a wonderful online content platform with countless great articles on every topic under the sun. Check out my work here.

Samia Mounts

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