i wear a lot of hats. but here's the skinny:

i grew up on a military base in seoul, korea, where the demand for talented native english speakers is still insanely high. as a result, i started working professionally as a voice actor and session singer at the tender age of 13, putting me at over a decade of professional experience by the time I landed in new york city in 2008. (if you're doing the math to figure out how old I am, let me help you: 37. and PROUD.)

i put in twelve solid years in nyc before getting hitched and moving on to greener pastures with my magical husband, javananda. he's dope as hell! we settled into our new home in colorado springs just before covid hit.

since then, i've been singing and recording voice-overs from my broadcast quality home studio, thanking my lucky stars for my good fortune in having said home studio, and trying to share the wealth with other artists. i offer private coaching in voice-over and acting, a donation-based online acting studio, and a mission to cast as many amazing talents as possible in the recording projects I direct and produce.

in the last year, i've also signed with new representation in colorado and the southeast. find all my rep info on the CONTACT page.

i know what it takes to live that #actorlife (or that #voiceactorlife or that #artistlife). and because i've diversified my income streams so effectively, i have the mental and emotional bandwidth to go into every audition with the confidence of a woman who knows that this job won't make or break her. which means i can give my best every time, because i'm not getting bogged down by nerves. i can help you get there, too.


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Samia Mounts

actor | voice actor | singer | writer | acting coach

producer/director of recording projects

occasional casting director